Packaging Films and Doypack

We are representatives of some of the world's largest packaging film

We sell with or without printing:

- Barrier films for beverage bags
- Complex films, with and without barrier, for food products
- Shrink films for meat and fish
- OPP / BOPP films
- Rigid films for thermoforming

Packaging Films

The result of a close partnership with one of the largest manufacturers of packaging films at European level, the ENPLATER Group (, we sell packaging films in Portugal for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Aware of the legal requirements in terms of quality and service for these industries, we have a wide range of certifications and we have innovative solutions in terms of materials, printing and finishing. 

Doypack - Brief History

The Doypack bag was created in 1963 by the French inventor Louis Doyen, then president of the Thimmonnier Company, and registered internationally under the name 'Doypack'. Recent data indicates that today more than 40 billion Doypack bags are marketed worldwide each year.

The basic design of the Doypack consists of two flat sheets, which can be made of PET, PP, Aluminum, Paper or other complex materials, together and sealed on the sides and with a 'W' fold at the bottom. When the bag / bag is filled with product, which can be powders, liquids, sauces, snacks or others, the 'W' opens and forms a base on which the bag is stable and standing.

Doypack bags are not only aesthetically attractive but also protect their contents. The material acts as a barrier between the product and the environment. The convenience of the bag is unbeatable, because in addition to being portable and lightweight, we can add options for easy opening / closing zipers, which protect and prolong the life of the product.

We are able to print them digitally or in rotogravure, with a matte or gloss finish, and supply them in reels for automatic applications or in units, with zippers, already ready to fill.

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In addition to the coil width and its dimension, in linear meters, we also need to know the type of material, micrage and type of application. For printed films, inform the number of colors.