Who We Are


The Planner

Our mission is a daily commitment to our customers.

Offer them at a fair price products and services whose added value is decisive for their business, respecting demanding quality standards, provided in the shortest possible time.

In order to assume this commitment, we have a motivated team of employees, with quality products and services that respect the environment and a logistics network that covers mainland Portugal and the islands.

Bela Vista OFFICE

The Bela Vista Office is located on the A5 / Tagus Park / IC 19 axis, which allows easy access to both residential areas (Lisbon, Linhas do Estoril and Sintra), as well as the main roads of Greater Lisbon (A5 -Estoril Coast Highway, IC19-Sintra Expressway, A16-Belas / Cascais Highway, A1-Northern Highway, A2-Southern Highway, A9-CREL and A8-Western Highway).



Get to know the professionals that constitute our team.

Managing Partners

Get to know Planner's management structure.

João Louro

Managing Partner

With a degree in Business Management and a postgraduate degree in Marketing and International Business he considers himself a doer. He adheres to the maxim "a reasonable plan executed today is always better than a perfect plan waiting for the ideal moment".

Miguel Cunha

Managing Partner

With a degree in International Relations, he took over the commercial direction of Planner in 2005. Even today he likes to remind those who say it cannot be done, not to interrupt what they are doing.


Get to know those people with whom you are likely to exchange emails and talk on the phone.

António Rocha


He discovered his vocation in the commercial area. He lives for customers and always tries to deliver to them a little more than expected. In the course of his life, he learned that his real boss is the client and it is he who has the power to dismiss everyone, including the President. Just choose another supplier.

Paulo Cunha


With extensive experience in the commercial area, he is known by his peers for never having faced a challenge. He admires Churchill and learned from him that in order to succeed he often fails, but without ever losing his enthusiasm.