Thermal Rolls

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POS, Printers, Cash Registers and Scales

In addition to the standard widths, 80mm; 75mm or 60mm, we can manufacture any other roll size, regardless of width, diameter and bush, for use in the most varied equipment.

We use thermal papers without bisphenol (BPA FREE) of various weights as well as offset. Possibility of printing on the back or front up to 4 colors.

ATM Terminals

With or without printing, we only use the best qualities of paper and raw materials, which in addition to helping to prolong the useful life of the equipment allow an increased guarantee in the print quality of the texts, up to 5 years.

Tickets and Parking Lots

For parking meters, show tickets or other applications we are able to manufacture rolls using thermal paper or thermal cards, in various weights with or without customization.

Lotteries and Bets

Upon prior study and government authorization, if necessary, we are able to supply rolls intended for the lottery and betting market, where the quality of printing, distinctive elements or security numbers as well as the raw material are indispensable factors.


Onde pode encontrar os nossos produtos:


Multibanco 57x35

Multibanco 57x40

Multibanco 57x45

p/Balança 75x70x11

p/POS - Imp 80x60

p/POS - Imp 80x70

p/POS - Imp 80x80

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Dimensions in mm, as shown.
Material Type (thermal, offset, etc ...), measured according to the image and if possible the number of linear meters of the roll.