Bisphenol-free thermal paper (BPA and BPS)


Over the years, criticism of the use of non-Bisphenol-free thermal paper in cash receipts has grown, especially in the food industry. The concentration of these chemical substances, at high levels, can present a risk to the health of customers and especially to the employees who daily handle these products.

Unlike some countries, where the ban already covers public and / or private, commercial establishments and financial institutions, in Portugal the law is not clear regarding this use. Each company, according to its social responsibility, decides whether or not to use this type of paper.

PLANNER has in recent years replaced its range of papers in order to respect these standards and trends, always looking for raw materials with minimal and residual amounts of these substances.

However, there are more recent studies that, devaluing this question a little, indicate that the main substitutes for BPA and BPS may also have relevant toxicity indexes.

Science Direct

Due to the importance of this issue, we will return to it shortly.