Label printers - Avoid some pitfalls.


If you are starting a business and need to print labels for your products, you will be faced with an almost infinite number of choices with regard to printers. Just look for label printers on the internet and see that each manufacturer / brand has a vast number of unparalleled advantages, but as the proverb says: “when alms are too much, the saint is suspicious”. It's really suspicious. Here are some tips that can help you choose

  1. Label size. Only you know the ideal size of the label that fits your product. It is, in our opinion, the starting point for starting to exclude models. If you need a label with a width of 12cms you will automatically have to exclude all models that have thermal heads less than that width
  2. Print quality and type. There are printers that print with ribbons (ribbons of printing), others using only the thermal head and others that can do it in one way or another. There may also be, in another range, color label printers that use ink cartridges. This point is important to know what you are going to spend on consumables and also if the quality that your product requires is in accordance with the advantage you can get from the printer.
  3. Software. Traditionally the printer will work in conjunction with other equipment. It is important to know what software comes with the printer and its compatibility with your equipment. As a general rule, the printer comes with a basic version of the software and more advanced versions have to be paid for.
  4. Number of labels to print. Having checked the previous points and depending on the number and format of products you want to label, the purchase decision should fall to a more or less industrial model. Depending on your use of the printer, you should also make sure, for example, the cost of some accessories. The most expensive thing about a printer is always the print head. Before buying it costs nothing to know how much it will cost you to make a change, if you need to.
  5. Compatibility. The biggest trap you can fall into is to buy a cheap printer, but then check that the consumables (labels / ribbons) are so expensive that it would be better to buy a more expensive printer that could use any type of consumable. There are printers on the market that cost up to 100/120 euros, excellent without a doubt, but which then charge for a roll of labels 10/15 euros, when the normal in the same measure and quantity is to cost 1 to 2 euros, or less. After 10 rolls you find out in the worst way that you made a bad deal.