Labels or Sleeves? Which to choose?


Sleeves (labels printed in PET or PVC with the property of molding themselves to the shape of the packaging when subjected to a certain temperature) are one of the fastest growing segments in the label and label industry in recent years. As companies redesign their packaging and look for more attractive and practical designs, this is undoubtedly the segment that most contributes to making their products stand out from the competition.

With a larger exposure area (360º), with the advantage of being able to be placed on uneven surfaces (unlike labels that have to be glued on flat or conical surfaces) and with the possibility of incorporating a tamperproof protection seal for to guarantee product safety, the approximation of costs between them definitely makes the sleeve an increasingly advantageous and distinct option in relation to the traditional label.

Although the development process seems complicated, our experienced team of professionals, in this market for over 10 years, will be able to help you in all stages of the process. From the development of the initial idea, to the deformation of the images, to the joints, and to the application, for all stages we have solutions and ways to provide a turnkey product.